Aerial Lift Training UKAerial Lift Training UK

Aerial Lift Training UK, also known as Aerial Lift-Off training or aerial tower training is a method used for training in the areas of hang gliding and aerial applications. It is a form of helicopter training in which students undergo intensive aerial lift-off training to build confidence and experience prior to being deployed on a radio control aircraft for flight. This training is carried out by professional aerial lift trainers who have gained specialist knowledge through years of flying the military types of gliders and microlight aircraft. A student will learn to prepare an aircraft for takeoff, vertical flight, horizontal flight and slow flight in an indoor environment, as well as how to operate a remote control transmitter and receiver. Click here now to get more useful information.

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The training involves using a variety of controls including a remote control transmitter and receiver as well as a computer for the software programming of the flight mode controls. Learning to use the computer is a vital part of this training so as not to confuse the student during the actual training. The process will include learning how to program a particular flight plan by choosing different airports and time zones as well as flying within these boundaries. This will involve both learning how to program the flight plan and take-off, turning and landing procedures and also how to sustain an altitude. The student will be able to test these procedures out on a PC after successfully completing the training and pass a written examination. Each week, the training will be reviewed and the student will be expected to demonstrate their flying skills once all the lessons have been successfully completed.

Once you complete your training, you will be given a flying test that will assess your ability and competence in operating a remote control and glider aircraft. Your flying test will consist of a review of your previous knowledge and skills and whether you are a suitable candidate for undertaking the course. This will be determined by your flying test certificate, your instructor’s assessment and your practical experience. If your instructor and flight school both feel that you are a good candidate for the course then an invitation for a course will be issued. This is usually done by email and it is important to respond to the invitation in order to book your flying test with a preferred provider as early as possible.

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