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Laser Therapy For PainLaser Therapy For Pain

When considering laser therapy for pain, it is important to understand what it is and how it works. It is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes a focused beam of light to vaporize the endorphins in the body, thereby reducing or eliminating pain. Laser therapy has been used for many years but in recent years has gained popularity and is now used in many different types of therapies.

Want To Step Up Your Laser Therapy For Pain? You Need To Read This First

One type of laser therapy for pain is Lightforce Laser Therapy for Pain, which is provided at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Pain Clinic. This treatment works by using a light-based heat that is delivered from the bottom of the probe to the site of pain. Once the heat hits the pain area, the probe emits short bursts of light that vaporize the endorphins in the body, effectively removing the source of pain. This treatment is most effective when combined with exercise and stretching exercises, which allow the muscles surrounding the painful area to contract.

Another type of laser therapy for pain involves radio frequency energy. This treatment targets the superficial layers of the skin, which are not affected by most pain. Instead, the heat generated from the light emitted by the radio frequency device travels down the nerve pathways, targeting the area where pain is experienced. The treatment is most effective when combined with physical therapy. Radio frequency light machines can be used as stand-alone devices or in combination with physical therapy, depending on the need and the severity of the pain.