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Norwich City HockeyNorwich City Hockey

Norwich City is a new established team in the UK. The club was formed back in 2021 and has had to go through some growing pains, such as not having a permanent ground until the team was able to move into their own premises after paying one of the most generous sports kit deals in its history. Because of this the team has had to work hard to establish itself as a force on the ice and is currently top of its league. With the help of a very good marketing campaign by the owner’s the club has been able to build a solid following and is now considered to be one of the favourites in its league.

Learn To (Do) Norwich City Hockey Like A Professional

Norwich has two main rivals, Manchester and Barnstaple, who both play at the local arena, the Amtrich Arena. The teams have contested only once over the last few years and that was an extra pre-season fixture, when the teams were given a brief taste of playing against each other. Norwich City has made good progress and has been joined in the top division by Celtic, who also play in the top tier this season. However, with the arrival of Manchester City in the Scottish premiership, the tide has turned and the city is now looking towards its future as one of the major hockey centers in the UK.

Norwich has a couple of professional teams as well, one of them is the Fleet, who play in the North West division of the English league. As the hockey season gets closer it becomes more likely that these players will make it into the first team for the club. So if you are based in Norwich, don’t wait, book your tickets today! You won’t regret it, this is an exciting sport. Norwich has so much to offer. So come on over and see what all the excitement is about.