Is Component Speaker Installation a Better Choice?Is Component Speaker Installation a Better Choice?

component speaker

A component speaker system is a system composed of different speakers linked to the output of one main speaker. Generally, most stereo systems are made up of a set of tweeters, mid-range speakers, and even rear speakers to maximize the speaker’s ability to reproduce sound. The component speaker system eliminates the need for a preamp or powered subwoofer in order to enjoy high quality sound from your stereo system. A component speaker usually contains more than one tweeter and is often a smaller version of the full-size speaker intended to work in the music system. Because of this, many component speakers are also called “dumb” and are designed to fit inside a small space.


The component system can consist of single-coil or double-coil tweeters, mid-range and even high-end speakers, but they all work by pulling stereo sound through an amplifier and then sending it out. Component speakers can be used with small to medium-sized amplifiers without sacrificing on the quality of the sound produced. Some component sets will include as many as six subwoofers, which makes them ideal for adding depth and dimension to a music mix. However, component speakers will not work well with large or very loud amplifiers. In addition, component sets are designed so that each component is connected to the appropriate speaker leads to better performance and durability of each individual speaker.


Component speakers offer some advantages over other forms of speaker installation. For example, you don’t have to worry about insuring them or building them like you would if you were choosing a subwoofer and amplifier. Additionally, you don’t have to concern yourself with signal interference as you would if you were choosing a large subwoofer and amplifier combo. One of the best advantages of component speakers is their relatively low cost relative to other forms of speaker installation. Component sets are often much less expensive than a pair of full-sized speakers, and they take up far less space (as little as two feet are needed for a set of component speakers). This means that they’re a much better choice for the home or apartment if size is an issue and you are working with a small space.

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