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Steroids are the most common drugs seized at Canadian border crossings, second only to marijuana, according to Global News. In a recent investigation, Global News analyzed the CBSA list of prohibited items and found that a staggering number of steroid items were seized. This is despite the fact that many shipments of steroid products originate in legal countries.

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Although the drug’s side effects may be uncomfortable, some people find them to be well worth the risk. Steroids can be effective for weight-loss, although they can also have adverse effects, such as increased risk of falling. If you’re worried about your health, consult your doctor about your steroid dosage. Ask your doctor about potential side effects, such as mood changes, and discuss your treatment plan with your doctor. If you are concerned about the risk of osteoporosis, ask your doctor if you should have periodic testing. Osteoporosis makes bones weaker and more susceptible to fracture. More info –

Steroids are available in various forms, including injectable and oral. They can give athletes an edge and improve their performance. They can also improve an athlete’s physical appearance, which is a plus for competitions or weightlifting. For example, if you’re training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, steroids can be a part of your routine.

The use of anabolic steroids is legal in Canada, but is illegal for sale to others. Steroids can be purchased at Canadien pharmacies, including locations in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Ottawa, and Mississauga. In addition to pharmacies, you can buy steroids at athletic stores. However, it’s important to note that these athletic stores often have lengthy lines, which makes buying steroids from them problematic.

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