Why You Should Not Install Microsoft Office on a Computer That Has No SetupWhy You Should Not Install Microsoft Office on a Computer That Has No Setup


You may think that after you download and install Microsoft Office onto your computer, all is well. In a word or two, you are wrong! Once you unpack and set up your computer system, you will realize that there are still many other components that should be installed and configured correctly in order for the program to run at its optimal performance.


One of the most basic and most essential components is Microsoft Office Setup. In fact, it is often the first thing you should do when you install the software. If your setup program fails to launch successfully, you must first download and install all necessary updates. Use the Microsoft Download Manager to download and install the updates. Then, restart your computer and open Word to begin your installation. Follow the prompts, and ensure that all required installations are properly completed before finally launching the program.


Microsoft Office Setup does not have an option to automatically download and install all the required plug-ins or services. The default setting is to install only the default plug-ins. However, you can always specify the services and plug-ins you want to be included in the setup. You can use the Microsoft Installer tool to do this. Simply conduct a search for Microsoft Installer and follow the directions.

If you need more details- office.com/setup

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